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Instructions: The Workbook is a PDF file located in Google Drive. Once the page opens, download the file to your computer. I hope you find value in the information!

BEFORE YOU GO… I have a special offer for you below ⬇ and I wanted to share a brief story of me and debt. By all accounts, my family made a decent income, but because of years of uncontrolled spending, it sure didn’t feel like we made over $100k per year. In retrospect, we amassed too much debt based on our income and didn’t allocate money to other categories that we should have been focused on. Unfortunately, I didn’t know our debt limits or that other critical categories existed. This oversight resulted in years and years of struggle. It was exhausting. This type of strain on the family results in unnecessary thoughts, feelings, emotions.

Not only did we struggle, our lack of available spending money cost us OPPORTUNITIES. It cost us more time to spend with family. It cost us to delay our aspirations and a life full of abundance and fulfillment. Our money forced us into making decisions that we wouldn’t have made otherwise. And, we were unable to fuel our deepest passions and desires.

Is your lack of money having this type of unwanted control over your family, too?

Can I ask you a question? Why are you here today? Why did you seek out this information? Is it because you have a tug on your heart to finally change your lifestyle? Are you looking for hope to become debt free? Or is it that you are seeking ways to better manage the task of budgeting so you can get your time back and reignite your passion or purpose to get more fulfillment out of life?

Schedule a FREE, no obligation Debt Freedom Discovery with me. If you need help with how to budget, don’t know where your money is going every month, want to have confidence in your finances, and know that you are budgeting the right way, schedule a free discovery call with me. During our 15-minute chat, we’ll discuss your biggest budgeting obstacle and how I can help you make a break-through. Click on this link to take the next step towards your family’s financial freedom: FREE Debt Freedom Discovery Call

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