Meet Shanalei

Hi, friend! Thanks for stopping by. If you are here, you probably own a home, have nice things and a family. Sweet! But on the other side of those nice things may be some bills, am I right?

Believe me, I get it! My husband and I have been where you are and probably worse. We, too, bought a home, had two boys and everything was great until…

Like us, everyone is only ONE catastrophe away from financial doom, such as losing your job or being diagnosed with cancer. Our family suffered BOTH! Life gave us a one-two sucker punch in the gut in less than a 10-year timeframe. We weren’t as prepared for the first event, but we fared much better the second time around — all in part to tools that I created using my years of analytical training.

Let’s get better acquainted. Personally…I’m a Momma of two boys, an introvert (as most IT people are — Go nerds!), lover of chocolate desserts, especially fudge brownies, and an endearing, loving wife.

My Mission Here is Simple

I want to help families to budget like an analyst! Too often I see people who try to make financial decisions without thinking through all scenarios. I’ve created easy-to-use tools to help you with your family’s budgeting so that you can dream bigger, sooner in life.

You were meant to achieve big goals and getting your finances under control is key. It’s time that you release that money stress you’ve been holding on to. And don’t kid yourself, you have them! We all do! Let’s get going on this journey, together…